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Local Food For All Project


Children's Culinary Classroom Project 


School Garden Project 


Urban Expedition Program with City Growers 


New York Farm Brewery Project


New York Apple Project



"For many years I was wrestling with the very definition of the word local. I mean, where do we even draw the borders of the Nordic region? Does it make sense to include Greenland, on the other side of the Atlantic, but not somewhere close with the same climate like Scotland? Do we include Hamburg, which was on the border of Denmark in the nineteenth century? Is it about the type of vegetation that grows, or the political climate of the moment? And what about chocolate, coffee, and wine? I knew I wanted all of those, but they come far from any place Nordic. And how do we consider potatoes, which were introduced from Peru but are now entrenched in modern Scandinavian food? What about pickles from India? How far back in history does one go to be “authentic?” It’s clear that in the world of cooking we haven’t fully understood many of the labels that define us."

-Rene Redzepi


More projects promoting local, sustainable food and farming that align with our mission: 

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NOFA-NY Field Days

Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition New Farmer Tour + Potluck Series 

Mid-Hudson CRAFT